Benefits Of An Assisted Living Community

Unfortunately, the words “assisted living” have long held a negative stigma. For some people, when they think of senior living communities, they imagine a sad, cold, institutional environment. However, the truth is that they are not what they are perceived to be. In fact, their misconceptions couldn’t be farther from the reality for of senior…


American Grand Features: The Spa

Do you ever wonder why you feel so good after you leave the spa? It’s no placebo effect, there is science behind it. Let’s learn the benefits of the services we provide at the Spa to our residents at American Grand. It is our goal to ensure the spa visitors are comfortable as possible in…


Helpful Apps for Senior Citizens

Seniors are embracing technology and are becoming more and more tech-savvy. Although it may seem as though the majority of apps are geared toward a younger generation, there are also many apps that would suit any retired adult. From useful and practical to fun and enjoyable, here is a list of apps that are perfect for senior citizens to simplify and enhance daily life.


Walk Towards Improved Health

Walking is the perfect exercise for nearly everyone at any stage of life.

In just a small amount of time, walking can provide numerous benefits for one’s health and overall well-being. Walking is the perfect exercise for those with limited finances and time because you can do it anywhere, essentially, and with no special equipment necessary.

Walking especially provides numerous long-term health benefits for seniors, both physically and mentally.