An American Grand Christmas

A great big thank you to some Neenah High School students for the video they produced for our residents at American Grand.  It is incredibly touching and heart warming. Happy Holidays everyone!

10 Signs of Alzheimer’s

How many people have Alzheimer’s? Globally, it reported up to 36 million suffer from a form of dementia, while it is estimated 60-80 percent of cases are caused by Alzheimer’s Disease. As we grow older, the prospects of a future suffering from dementia is understandably freighting. This fear could lead some to intentionally overlook early…


Cyber Security

The Internet impacts all of our lives in some form or another. People communicate through the cyber world, you can shop and pay bills using the Internet, and more than ever, people go online for their news and information. While there are plenty of benefits to using the Internet, such as keeping in contact with…


New American Grand Neenah location!

Did you hear the good news? American Grand has grown to a second location. On Aug. 19, American Grand hosted an open house at its newest location at 900 Meadow Lane in Neenah. American Grand’s original facility is located in Kaukauna. The first phase of the new Neenah location provides living space for up to…


Benefits of Exercising for Seniors

The benefits of exercise know no age. Regardless of one’s age, regular exercise can have numerous benefits. However, the positive benefits of the exercise for the elderly community is especially profound, even with a moderate amount of physical activity. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the benefits of exercise for older adults…