3 Ways To Digitally Communicate With Your Loved Ones

One of the realities of today’s global world is often that our family and friends are spread out in many places. A generation or two ago, it was commonplace to visit Grandma and Grandpa’s house every Sunday for dinner, while your cousins lived just the next street over. Today’s world is different. Your son or daughter…


Winter Blues: Symptoms and Remedies

With the holiday season now in the rearview mirror and the warmth and promise of spring still a couple of months away, January and February are prime times for the winter blues to set in. What are the Winter Blues? Seasonal affective depression (SAD), the proper name for the winter blues, is a type of…


An American Grand Christmas

A great big thank you to some Neenah High School students for the video they produced for our residents at American Grand.  It is incredibly touching and heart warming. Happy Holidays everyone!

10 Signs of Alzheimer’s

How many people have Alzheimer’s? Globally, it reported up to 36 million suffer from a form of dementia, while it is estimated 60-80 percent of cases are caused by Alzheimer’s Disease. As we grow older, the prospects of a future suffering from dementia is understandably freighting. This fear could lead some to intentionally overlook early…